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Specialist supplier and maintenance of equipment for dental surgeries

MEDITECH Dental provides fully integrated, industry regulated services for private dental surgeries on the Isle of Man - covering product supply, equipment installation and dedicated repair and maintenance.  Highly experienced in our field and approved by many of the leading manufacturers in the industry, our sphere of operation includes:

  • Sourcing and Installation of all new Equipment
  • Surgery Design
  • Validation and Certification
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Service and Repair
  • Pressure Vessel Testing
  • Emergency Call-Out
  • Full-upgrades and Modifications

We also operate in the veterinary and podiatry industries.

Everything we do is designed to comply with the most stringent regulations, which means we are approved for: 

  • Health Technical Memorandum (HTM 01-05) to help with decontaminating reusable instruments in primary care dental practices.
  • HTM 2010 Sterilization (superseded by HTM 01-01)
  • HTM 2030 – Validation and periodic testing of washer disinfectors

Our overriding mission is to ensure every practice we serve runs smoothly and professionally at all times. To give dental practitioners – and their patients – total peace of mind.

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Call 07624 473678 or email